GJP i Winim 6 MP

Ofisal Risal blong 2016 Snap Jenerol Eleksen we i jas kamaot tede i soem se GJP i winim 6 MP.
I minim se GJP i winim sem namba blong ol MP olsem VP mo UMP - trifala pati ia i winim hae-est namba blong MP long eleksen ia, 6 each.
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GJP I Holem Presiden Blong SANMA Provinsel Kaonsel

Ofisel risal blong Sanma Provinsel Eleksen we i bin stap long namba 17 Disemba 2015 i soem se GJP i winim moa jea bitim eni narafala pati - GJP i karem 5 kaonsela evriwan - Nethan Jacob mo Thomas Vora long Malo, mo John Olo Aru, Abel Tangis mo Johnsei Boe long Santo.

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Response to article issued by Minister Telukluk on the issue of leases given to Lands Ministry and Department staff, Daily Post 25 July 2015

[Stetmen blong mi ia i bin kamaot long Daily Post yestede 28 Julae 2015]

I write in response to the serious allegations made by Minister Telukluk concerning my actions as the Minister of Lands. I stand by my actions and my personal credibility. I doubt many other former Ministers of Lands can do the same. Minister Telukluk has an Ombudsman’s Report issued about his actions as Minister for Lands titled: “Granting of Leases by the Former Minister of Lands Mr Paul Telukluk to Himself, Family Members and Wantoks” at http://www.paclii.org/vu/ombudsman/1999/6.html). 

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