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Helen Calo Kap is GJP Reserve Seat candidate for Freswota Ward

 In 2009 she was awarded the “Shield of Merit as the Longest-serving JICA Staff in Vanuatu” and in 2012 she was awarded an Independence Medal by His Excellency Hon. Iolu Johnson Abbil for her service to Vanuatu.  

She has held many leadership roles in the community, including as a founding member of the Vanuatu Nippon JICA Alumni Association in 1997 (currently active with over 185 members), Secretary of the Committee of Ex-Onesua Students Association (1998-2010), member of the Onesua Presbyterian College School Council (2004-2012), current President of the Itakoma Women’s Association in Port Vila, member of the Gender Development Partners Group (2008-2012), founding member (along with colleagues from VITE, CDU, MOE and JICA) of the Mathematic Association for Teachers in Vanuatu, member of the Joint Coordinating Committee of the Project for the Needs-Based In-Service Training for Community Health Nurses (2009-2012), member of the Healthy Islands Steering Committee and a member of the Health Partners Group-HPG (2010-2012).

In church matters she is a member of the Presbyterian Women Mother’s Union (PWMU) for Paton Memorial Church (PMC), a Leader of the Girl Guides (First Vila East Branch) and Leader/Captain for the PMC Girls Brigade Company, and this year was commissioned as the Girls’ Brigade Trainer of Vila Session for the Presbyterian Church.

This year also, Ms Calo Kap was appointed as a member of the Shefa Education Board.

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