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Ol latest amendmen blong ol loa blong graon


1. there is no longer any requirement for a "quorum" at meetings of the nakamal to determine ownership of customary land;

2. transfers and mortgages on rural titles for which the Minister is the lessor on behalf of disputing parties no longer require approval of all disputing parties before the Minister can consent. Approval of all disputing parties is only required for subdivisions, extension of lease term and change in lease type;

3. the 12 month period in which all existing land tribunal decisions can be challenged has been amended: now only village, joint-village, sub-area and joint-sub area land tribunal decisions can be challenged within the 12 month period; area and joint area and island land tribunal decisions are final and cannot be challenged.

Yu save luk ol amendmen ia long websaet blong Ministri blong Lands.

Ol Ripot

GJP hem wan nomo emi stap putumaot ol ripot blong ol aktiviti mo expenditure blong budget blong ol MP blong hem. Klik long ples ia blong luk ol ripot blong mifala.

Ol Polisi

Yu save kam ridim ol polisi blong GJP mo luk save wanem nao pati hemi stap wok from.

Bakraon blong Pati

Ples ia hemi ples we mifala i putum tugeta evri bakraon diteil blong pati. Bae yu save lukluk ol Vision mo ol objektif blong Pati. Bae yu save luk tu ol kraeteria blong joenem pati sapos yu stap wantem joenem mifala.

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