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MP Gillion Williams shines light for Melemaat youths

On Friday last week, honourable MP Gillion Williams of Ground and Justice Party (GJP) and member of Efate Rural constituency, handed a cash donation of 30,000vt to Graham Kennedy Touwia, Lopatu for Jesus representative and same time President of the Presbyterian Youth of Melemaat village.
The money will help Lopatu for Jesus purchase uniform material for over 70 youths who will be performing this week at Christmas in the Park.
Before handing over the donation to Mr Touwia, pictured receiving the envelope from MP, MP Gillion remarked, "I'm happy that the young people of Melemaat have teamed up coming from different churches and background in the goal to contribute positively to their livelihoods by engaging in community & church activities in order to show their peers and every young people that there is more to life than drugs and alcohol".
MP Gillion continued with a smile, "Congratulations and keep up the good work in encouraging youths to discover their hidden talents and continue to use it positively for your village and this country".
Lopatu for Jesus shone at Zion Fest with their songs "Something About the name Jesus" and "Here I am to Worship" and are currently on demand from churches around Vila after their debut performance at Zion Fest.
Their performance this week is expected to have more kids on stage as the youths will be teaming up with their younger Sunday and Sabbath Schooler's performing on Thursday and Saturday evening at 6.30pm.
Lopatu for Jesus will be performing a range of items from their very own original "Break-through" drama to Christmas carols, choir, skits, and a merge of both skits & song.
A feature performance for public to look forward to will be from the group's spokeslady and Vanuatu's long time singer songwriter, Ms Alcina Charlie. Ms Charlie, for the first time, will also be sharing the stage and microphone with her twin daughters who sung up a storm at their Sunday School closing last week on Thursday.
After being very happy with their performance, the budding singers of age 8 have now asked to share their gift of singing with their mum at Christmas in the Park.
Lopatu for Jesus takes this opportunity to congratulate MP Gillion Williams for his election into parliament and at the same time sincerely thanks MP Gillion for accepting their request which marks a good example for all members of Parliament to follow.

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