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18 students get sponsored by MP Ralph in Semester 1 2014

In accordance with the Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP) party policy announced during the 2012 election campaign, each elected GJP MP will be allocating a quarter of their MP allocation - or 750,000 vatu each per year - to scholarships awarded on the basis of academic achievement and financial need to students in their respective constituencies. 

In Port Vila, MP Regenvanu expanded his scholarship scheme last year to include students taking the Francophone “Seconde chance” program at USP, as well as those taking the USP Foundation program (offered only in English). 

For the last four years, Regenvanu’s Port Vila Scholarship Scheme sponsored students taking USP Foundation courses, with the rationale that apart from the B.J. Hammond Science Scholarship (which provides up to 4 scholarships per year to students taking science units), there are no scholarships available for Foundation-level studies at USP. 

Once students complete the Foundation-level course (plus four degree courses), they become eligible for undergraduate scholarships offered by the Governments of Australia, New Zealand, France and Vanuatu, via the Training and Scholarships Unit (TSCU) of the Vanuatu Government. 

The MP established the Port Vila Scholarship Scheme, therefore, to assist in easing a “bottleneck” in human resource development in Vanuatu by targeting funding at the gap that exists between secondary school leaving qualifications and university entrance qualifications, for which no other funding was available.

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