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New GJP subcommittee established in West Malo

On 2nd June, a new sub-committee of the Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP) was officially established at Nanucu village in in West Malo.

Nanucu village is the second largest polling station in Malo and currently two of the three Councillors for Malo Island come from this polling station.

The new sub-committee established on the 2nd June consists mainly of former members of the UMP and Nagriamel who elected the two current Councillors and current MP Havo Moli.

The other Malo Councillor, Councillor for East Malo, Wara Tamata, performed a custom ceremony in October last year to join the GJP and the East Malo Subcommittee of GJP was established at that time.

Councillor Wara Tamata was previously President of the Aore-Malo Region for Nagriamel and won the highest number of votes in Malo Ward in the last Provincial elections.

The establishment of the new West Malo Sub-Committee of GJP was witnessed by GJP President Hon. Regenvanu, GJP National Executive member Hon. Alfred Maoh and Councillor Wora Tamata.

They welcomed the new supporters into the party and declared their commitment to working with these political leaders to improving the lives of the people and communities of Malo.

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