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MP Ralph sponsors 11 USP Foundation students in Semester 1 2015

MP Ralph sponsors 11 USP Foundation students in Semester 1 2015 - MP will spend 1,000,000 vatu on scholarships this year

MP Ralph Regenvanu has sponsored 11 students to undertake USP Foundation courses in semester 1 as the first part of his Port Vila Scholarship Scheme for 2015.  Of the 11 students, 7 are studying at Tebakor College and 4 are DFL (Distance Flexible Learning) students based at Emalus Campus.  The 11 students were selected from a total of 37 applicants by a committee comprised of USP staff based on the criteria of academic performance and financial need.  4 awardees are boys and 7 are girls, and 2 are from Ambae, 2 from Ambrym, 3 from Nguna and 1 each are from the Banks, Efate, Malekula and Pentecost. 

This year, MP Ralph will spend 1 million vatu on scholarships for USP “Seconde Chance” and “Foundation” students using funds from his MP Allocation.

Since being elected to Parliament in 2008, MP Ralph has sponsored 186 students through his scholarships scheme, spending a total amount of almost 4,000,000 vatu to date.  Some of the first set of students sponsored in 2009 have now graduated with university degrees.  In the 2012 election campaign, the Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP) promised to establish similar scholarships schemes in constituencies which elected GJP candidates, and last year the party’s MP’s in Efate (Hon. Gillion Willams), Malekula (Hon. Daniel Nalet) and Santo (Hon. Alfred Maoh) all provided scholarships to students chosen on the basis of academic performance and financial need using a quarter of the annual MP allocation as promised (750,000 vatu each). 

As the MP allocation has increased by 1,000,000 vatu this year, all GJP MP’s will be spending 1,000,000 vatu each in their respective constituencies this year on these scholarships.

Year Amount Spent (VATU) Number of Students
2009 496,800 24
2010 698,710 33
2011 543,200 26
2012 517,500 25
2013 707,760 28
2014 751,229 39
2015 239,085 11
  3,954,284 186
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