Response to article issued by Minister Telukluk on the issue of leases given to Lands Ministry and Department staff, Daily Post 25 July 2015

[Stetmen blong mi ia i bin kamaot long Daily Post yestede 28 Julae 2015]

I write in response to the serious allegations made by Minister Telukluk concerning my actions as the Minister of Lands. I stand by my actions and my personal credibility. I doubt many other former Ministers of Lands can do the same. Minister Telukluk has an Ombudsman’s Report issued about his actions as Minister for Lands titled: “Granting of Leases by the Former Minister of Lands Mr Paul Telukluk to Himself, Family Members and Wantoks” at 

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Leta i go long PM long saed blong ol lis long State Land 

Olgeta -

Las wik mi bin sendem wan leta i go long PM blong askem Gavman blong no stopem kot kes agensem ol staf blong Dipatmen blong Land blong karembak ol lis we foma Minista Steven Kalsakau i bin givim long olgeta long 2012.  Mi mekem leta ia folem toktok blong niufala Minista Paul Telukluk se bae hemi stopem kot kes ia.  Mi kopi leta ia i go long evri MP blong Port Vila - inkludum Deputi Praem Minista Moana Carcasses mo Minista blong Faenans Willy Jimmy - mo tu long ol MP blong Luganville mo Lord Mayor blong tufala taon.  Ol media tu i risivim kopi blong leta ia mo oli bin stap askem long PM mo ol Minista blong givim eni ansa long leta blong mi, be nogat wan i givim eni ansa kasem tede.  Lord Mayor blong Port Vila nomo hemi givim ansa, mo hemi se bae hemi toktok wetem Gavman blong sapotem rikwes blong mi blong no stopem kot kes ia (Lord Mayor blong Port Vila hemi blong UMP we hemi part blong Gavman naoia).

Kopi blong leta we mi sendem i stap daon.

Ta, Ralph

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GJP i tekem posisen blong Presiden blong Shefa Provins

Long moning blong namba 2 March 2015, ol kaonsela blong Shefa Provins oli elektem wan niufala Presiden mo kabinet blong Shefa Provinsel Gavman.

Ol sem politikol pati we oli bin putum Presiden mo gavman blong Shefa afta long las provinsel eleksen long 2013, oli joen tugeta bakagen blong putum niufala gavman blong kasem nekis provinsel eleksen long 2017.

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Councillor Willie Ben Kalmasei publishes spending poster

Councillor for Shefa Province, Willie Ben Kalmasei, has become the first GJP Councillor to publish a poster reporting the amount of money he has spent from his Area Council Fund as well as from his own salary on meeting the needs and requests of communities within his constituency of Efate.

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