GJP i holem namba 2 Elected Officials Miting blong hem

Anda long konstityusen blong GJP, pati i no stap gat wan Kongres. Be wanem we GJP hemi gat hemi wan anuel "Elected Officials Meeting” we evri “elected official” blong pati - minim evri MP mo kaonsela - oli stap atendem evri yia.Fes wan i bin hapen long Novemba 2013 mo namba 2 miting i hapen long 22 Novemba 2014.

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Hon. Gillion Williams I Lonjem 2013 Alokesen Ripot

MP Gillion Williams, MP blong Efate mo blong Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP), hemi ofiseli lonjem ripot blong spending blong alokesen blong hem blong yia 2013 long Fraede 27 Jun 2014 long Lelepa Aelan. 

Folem fulap palamen mo gavman we i pas, hemia hemi makem wan bigfala milestone long laef blong ol people blong Efate Aelan blong save gat wan klia ripot long ol spending blong wan MP Allocation olsem.

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New GJP subcommittee established in West Malo

On 2nd June, a new sub-committee of the Graon mo Jastis Pati (GJP) was officially established at Nanucu village in in West Malo.

Nanucu village is the second largest polling station in Malo and currently two of the three Councillors for Malo Island come from this polling station.

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18 students get sponsored by MP Ralph in Semester 1 2014

MP Ralph Regenvanu and some of the 18 students who received his scholarships this year at Tebakor College this week.

All successful applicants were selected on the basis of academic performance and financial need. 16 of the successful applicants were from Tebakor College, which is the only Port Vila-based secondary school to offer the USP Foundation program.

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Helen Calo Kap is GJP Reserve Seat candidate for Freswota Ward

GJP Candidate for the Reserve Seat in Freshwater Ward (which includes Melcofe, Stade, Freshwater and Tasariki) is Helen Calo Kap.  

Currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration Management, Helen worked in the National Planning Office under Prime Minister Walter Lini from just before Independence until 1989, after which she went to work for JOCV/JICA until just last year.

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Nagriamel Councilllor joins GJP

The Councillor representing East Malo in the Sanma Provincial Government, Thomas Boedovo, this week performed a custom ceremony to officially join the Graon mo Jastis Pati along with his entire executive and members of other parties and political groupings in East Malo.

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