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MP Ralph i sapotem Vanuatu SDA yut

MP Ralph Regenvanu i bin givim wan donesen blong AUD$803.00 (79,000vt) blong sapotem trip blong 55 yangfala blong Vanuatu SDA Yut blong go patisipet long South Pacific Youth Congress long Brisbane long 1st wik blong Januari 2013.

Ol yangfala bae oli aot long namba 31 Disemba mo kambak long namba 8 Januari. Foto i soem MP wetem Pastor Charlie Jimmy (Nasonal Daerekta blong SDA Yut Ministries) wetem sam blong ol yangfala ia we bae oli travel.

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Ol MP blong GJP

Ol 4 MP blong GJP: Gillion William, Daniel Nalet, Ralph Regenvanu, Alfred Maoh (l-r)


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Outspoken re-elected Vanuatu MP looking to form reformist coalition

The leader of Vanuatu's Ground and Justice Party, Ralph Regenvanu, says he is keen to form a coalition government that addresses corruption and prioritises political and land reform.

With 2250 votes in the Port Vila constituency in Tuesday's general election, Mr Regenvanu has broken his own national record for receiving the most votes of any candidate.

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"Well-being for Melanesia"

 Surveys and reports are not generally riveting reading. Here is an exception.

"Alternative Indicators for Well-being for Melanesia" - a Vanuatu Pilot Study - is compulsive reading. It proves a lot of things we have suspected all along.

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20,000VT Donesen long ol student blong Montmarte

MP Ralph i givim wan donesen blong 20,000 vatu aot long alokesen blong hem i go long 6 studen blong Lycee de Montmarte blong go towods trip blong olgeta i go long Nouvelle-Caledonie blong patisipet long bigfala  sports event "Transcaledonienne" long 30 Jun kasem 1 Julae 2012.


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30,000VT Donesen long Dausahe String Band

MP Ralph i givim wan donesen blong 30,000 vatu aot long alokesen blong hem long Dausahe String Band blong Big Bay blong go towods rekoding blong fes CD blong olgeta. Oli stap rekodem rikodem CD blong olgeta long manis Julae 2012 long Port Vila.


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