Media statement from MP Ralph Regenvanu in response to his termination as a Minister on Monday 16th January 2012

I acknowledge that the Prime Minister has the Constitutional right to appoint and dismiss any Minister.

I am disappointed, however, that my termination was by way of a letter delivered to my office and that the Prime Minister did not have the courtesy to meet me in person to tell me that I was being terminated and the reasons for my termination.  Considering my long-time support for him over the entire life of this legislature, I feel this failure to meet me in person to terminate me is disrespectful and not appropriate conduct on his part.

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MP Alokesen Ekspendija Ripot

 Long Fraedei 10 Febuari, MP Ralph hem i lonjem MP Alokesen Ekspendija Ripot blong hem blong ol yia 2008 kasem 2011.

Lonjing ia i bin hapen long “Tut blong Pig” risepsen eria blong Palamen Haos.

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